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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Truth be told

I have actually lost 31 pounds. I keep a record of when I first "started" um gave a "half-hearted" um "sorta" tried to lose weight. I was at my heaviest which was 230 pounds! yes I said it I had let myself get THAT heavy! I knew that was as far as I was going to go anything over that and I would have wanted to shot myself. So all in all 31 pounds have gone and 21 of them have been gone since January 2, 2012.
I went thru all my jeans yesterday. I had about 10 pairs that I could wear most of them would fall off me as I was walking so they are in the donation pile. I am down to 4 that fit me. One pair is questionable they fit a little big but still not big enough to fall off so they will be the ones I wear when the others are dirty.
My shirts are way to big as well but some of them I can make due for the winter/spring what ever is going on right now with the weather. Then on to summer I have to buy new stuff all around. My shorts won't be fitting me and my current bathing suit lets all my stuff hang out.
So there you go getting into shape and fitting into things I haven't been able to wear in ages. In a size I haven't been in in over 7 years.
Thanks to my husband with all the daily support. I love you babe. (even if he NEVER reads this)

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