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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Never thought I would get this far.

So here I am 25 pounds lighter. I feel better and like the new me. Sure I still go to the XL sections at stores I mean that is what I have been doing for years! Some of my shirts that I bought while heavy and were tight are now to big and sadly I never really got to wear them. Some of my bra's are even to big.. EEK! Today a friend said.. "hey looks like you need to get some new pants!" lol yup I do. I donated about 10 pairs and have about 4 that fit.. scratch that 3 that fit. I am still excited to be dropping weight and have no plans on stopping right now. Looking at a website that says what your ideal body weight for med frame it is 127-141 and for large frame it is 137-155. If you have a small frame which I do not it is even smaller but since I am not a small frame (am i?) I won't bother with that number. I know it's not always good to go for a weight but to me I think that it is a tangible goal to have so I think my ideal goal weight it 135. It falls in the range of both med/large frame. I hope to be in a size 8.. wow 8!
Another milestone was reached... for the first time in her life Alexa was able to give me a hug and her hands actually touched behind me! Her arms fit all the way around me! this has never happened and it felt amazing! She smiled big when I pointed it out to her!
It has been a long long road and I still have a long and rough road ahead. I have to keep looking forward and take a few glances behind me so I don't forget how far I have actually traveled.

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