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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life sometimes gets in the way

It has been a very long time since my last post. So here is what has been going on. Back on April 2 I was at boot-camp and we were doing our usual stuff. When they were like OKAY lets all do CARTWHEELS! I was like hmm ok I know I can do this. See back last year my sister in law and I  were doing them at the park. Were we sore the next day? yes! BUT I did it so I knew I could do it here for class. So off I went after the first one I knew I had done "something" to my leg. I thought well sometimes when you do a crazy move your muscles get pulled a little to much so I thought nothing of it. I continued to do them and it still hurt but again I thought well my body hasn't done a cartwheel in a very long time it's just freaking out. So later that morning the soldier wanted to go to the river and fish. I thought well this is a good time to go for a mile run. I had downloaded this new app called Zombies, Run! It's an app that give you a story line as you run and zombies chase you.. (ok it's all make believe but trust me when you hear them coming for you, you are running your ass off!
Well during that run I felt a pop or snap in my left hamstring the same leg I hurt doing cartwheels. I could barely walk but I again pushed through it. I finished my run/walk sat down and waited for Josh and waited.. so I thought well I feel better lets go again. I don't think I finished the run because of the pain.
So I have been going to the chiropractor for about 2 weeks and the problem is still there. I can't bend over without pain or walk so I am going to the doctor today.
On another note I will not be going back to boot-camp. I start my practicum for school on the 30th and it lasts until about June 20. Once the little one is out of school I have to pay someone to watch her while I am at work so the money spent on boot-camp will be going toward childcare. Also the solider will be going to AT for about 2 1/2 weeks. So during that time I would not have anyone to watch the little one.
I am sad that I had to stop I am glad I can sleep in! I have wanted to get back to working out on my own but with this bum leg I can't do much.
I am still maintaining my weight loss and we are starting the boot-camp diet soon. Life in our house is going to be busy this summer. I graduate on June 22 and then we are off to a little vacation to a place I don't like going to but the little one wants to see her mema so I am taking one for the team.

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  1. Jen I am sorry to hear about the set back in training. But glad that you have stuck with the weight loss. I hope that Josh is on his way to a full recovery. And I am sure you will be also. I have to go to NM in May for Ammber's graduation. I to see you if I am there. Keep up the good work and remember you can do it!!! Josie