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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

End of my first 6 week class

This coming Saturday will make the end of my first 6 week boot-camp class. It has had its ups and downs. It has had me leaving saying WTH! It has left me sore and tired. There are times I don't know how I got through the entire class.
It has also left me 15 pounds lighter. Partly because of the exercise and partly because of my diet. Now I didn't follow the recommend diet 100% because well I just can't. Having to cook for a family makes it hard to follow such a restrictive diet. I am sure there were plenty of ladies in the classes that followed it but I was not one of them. I did cut out A LOT of the junk food and eating out. I cut out soda (only had 2). I worked out at least 4 days a week.
I am happy with where I am. I have lost a good deal of weight in at 6 week period.
I am very tired though.... getting up at 4:20 am is really hard. I look forward to our days off so I can sleep in! My body and mind need sleep.
I start my second round of classes on 2-11 which also happens to be my birthday. I hope to shed another 15 pounds! Wouldn't that be a awesome accomplishment? I will set a smaller goal for the next 5 weeks so that I know I can meet it.
Learning to eat right and exercise takes a lot of will power and there are days that I have it and there are days I don't.
I try not to beat myself up when I do eat something that I shouldn't. I know that we all have days where a salad won't do it and a juicy hamburger will. As long as we don't have more hamburger days than salad days I think its ok.


  1. U are doing an amazing job!! U r my inspiration. If u can get up at geez... 420, then I have NO excuse to not get up at 5. Great job, keep it up!!