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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

13 Pounds! Hell week day 2

This weekend I watched what I ate but still had some food I wouldn't normally eat and my weight didn't go up (Thankfully) but it didn't go down either. I was at least happy I hadn't done to much damage with the chips and salsa I had.
This is the last week of the 6 week class I started back on Jan 2. The have called this week HELL week. Monday's workout wasn't to bad. Today's workout... kicked my ass! It was a very challenging one at that. The hour went by really fast but I know tomorrow I am gonna be sore. Heck, I am already sore. So anyway I got on the scale this morning and was so surprised at the number! I have lost 13 pounds!! I never in my life thought I could ever EVER do that. I want to be 205 by Thursday which is our last measurement and weigh-in day. If you remember my scale and their scale are not friends BUT I will keep whatever MY scale says since it's the one I use. I am excited to see how many more inches I have lost since the last weigh-in. We also have our last run of the session tomorrow... yes running again and this time in the dark! and maybe even snow. Well I am going to do it no matter what because I want to finish strong.
I am glad my birthday is Saturday because I have NO pants that will stay up on any longer. I have to wear capris (IN THE WINTER). I have 2 pants that are more summerish that I can wear and that is it. No jeans and my shirts are way to baggy as well. So Thankfully I will be shopping a little this weekend before I am forced to just wear my workout stuff 24/7.


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  2. I am so proud of you Jen. I knew you had a skinny bitch within you !