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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lesson learned

So after 30 days of eating healthier than we ever have we decided to eat out and not at a very healthy place. We went shopping in January and managed to eat everything we bought. Our cabinets were bare our fridge was bare so we went out to eat and then grocery shopping. So we went to eat at Round Table pizza because I really really wanted to have some damn pizza made by someone else other than me! So I had a salad before hand and then came the glorious pipping hot pepperoni pizza. I had at least 3 pieces...! It was so good. Perhaps it's because I haven't had restaurant pizza in over a month. So cut to grocery shopping I didn't feel over full I felt satisfied... it did feel a little "heavy". Josh mentions to me "no wonder we have been eating healthy my stomach is really hurting". I still felt fine. Cut to 4:20 am when my alarm goes off I get up to get ready for yoga day at boot-camp. My first stop is always the bathroom (TMI) and that is where I learned a lesson... after 30 days of eating healthy, pizza was not a good choice! My stomach hurt so bad and well other things were going on. I felt if I went to class I may not like the outcome. So after 15 minutes in the bathroom. I crawl back into bed and go back to sleep. I feel better now but boy lesson learned! I know we need to learn how to go out to eat and eat right. Does this mean the end of eating pizza out? maybe instead of 3 pieces I should only have 1...
I am back on track today... have a shake and ready to do some yoga on my own today because I am REALLY sore! 

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