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Monday, February 13, 2012

It doesn't pay to not eat right

So after 6 weeks of the BIRK bootcamp I was able to let the diet wagon stop for a little bit. Now I didn't go off the rails or anything BUT I did get a little lazy on the eating right. Well the scale showed it (not much BUT it did go in the wrong direction) and today my at my CORE class I felt it. My stomach hurt and I was sluggish (more than normal). I will say that I will get back to the healthy eating again and not let myself feel this way again.
This has to be a lifestyle change more than a "right now" change. I will stay the course for myself and my family.
I also need to really keep on running.... If I want to keep my current time for this summer I must continue to run at least once a week...
Good to be back at class and kicking ass!

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