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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bed-0 Jennifer-3

Today no this whole week I have not wanted to go to class AT ALL! I wanted to stay in bed and sleep. Maybe it's because I haven't really slept all that well this whole week. So today I get up earlier than normal so at 4am I am up getting ready and my mind kept saying go back to bed.. go back to bed... then the other part of me was like no go to class you will enjoy it and come back and if you want go back to bed. Then the lazy part of my brain kicked in and said... sometimes your body is telling you that you need to sleep so go back to bed. I told my lazy part of my brain to shut it and went to class.
It was a good work out. This whole week has been an ass kicker for sure. Yesterday (Tuesday) was probably the hardest class I have EVER taken. Today we all talked about how we all agreed yesterday was hard! I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought it was tough. It is nice to see yet a new number on the scale I am almost ready to post pictures ( I should have taken then at start of class) but I didn't so I will find some older pics and then take one now... and then at the end of this class. Which I have to say ends on my bday Feb 11. Then the next class starts Feb 13! No rest for the wicked I guess. I am sore my back, shoulders, arms and legs.. my pants are falling off and I fit into a swim suit I haven't fit into in AGES! 
So take that LAZY brain! the SKINNY brain is fighting to come out!

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