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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can you die from being to sore?

Well my legs feel like jelly! It is pure torture to just walk from point A to point B. I won't even go into walking up or down the stairs. I know that in due time it will get better and I won't be "AS" sore but for now I am wondering why I even signed up for this torture. Oh yeah... to get healthy. Today is one day that I was wishing I could quit! I was super tired this morning and wanted to give up half way through class. I didn't I stayed and finished. I know at the end of class I will be stronger and leaner...and by this time next year I should be half of what I am now. I can't think that far off though cause it seems like a LONG way away. For now I am happy that I get up and out to class everyday. I have to keep my eye on the short term goals and for me that is finishing this 6 week class with a bang.

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