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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Night Before Brik Bootcamp

I am gearing up to take a ride that is long time coming. Starting tomorrow at 5am I will be attending my first bootcamp class. I have recently completed a 4 week class that gave me a window into what will be going on these next 6 weeks. The biggest change is going to be the nutrition plan they want us to follow (Its VEGAN). I know in my gut that I can't follow a vegan diet. So I am going to try my best to follow as much of the meal plan that I can. I am going to cut out sugar and white products. So no BREAD, PASTA or rice for 6 weeks. I am also going to cut out caffeine which means no ice tea or soda. For the first time ever I am actually excited to start this new journey.
Josh is also starting this journey with me. He is giving up BEER! Those of you who know him know he LOVES beer! We will be taking our measurements and weight tomorrow and see where we are in 6 weeks!
The end of my bootcamp is actually Feb 10 which is the day before my birthday! What a birthday it will be if I can go shopping and get some smaller size jeans and shirts! I don't plan on stopping after this 6 weeks is over HELL NO I plan on making this a life style change! During this 6 weeks we are also going to be running! RUNNING!! um I think I will be doing walking cause I doubt I can run even a 1/2 a mile. Our first run is this coming Saturday.
I plan on posting at least every other day. They may not be super positive posts they may even be full of self doubt and why did I do this and I hate this... but I will keep this up for 6 week.. I mean you can do anything for 6 weeks right...

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