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Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Run or not to Run

So Saturday's are our run days. This Saturday happened to have lots of WIND, SNOW and RAIN. I asked if we were going to be running in this weather and the answer was "YES, We are Kaia Girls!" there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing! Well as bad ass as I am I will NOT run in weather that could get me sick or hurt. Some of the girls that were driving to the run got into an accident they skidded on some ice and slammed into a fire hydrant. Really? why not make the decision to cancel the run at least till the weather got better. Today the skies are blue no wind... perfect day to do a run. I know that ultimately it is our decision to go or not. I just hate that they didn't make the decision to cancel for the sake of being safe.
My scale has once again shown me a number I have not seen in a very long time! I know when I look into the mirror I don't see a change. I do know that my MIL saw me on skype the other day and was like wow! you look great I can really tell you have lost weight. The lady at the DMV saw my picture on my old license and was like oh I can tell you have lost weight! Do you want to take new picture? I was like HELL YES! lol
So even tough I am not following the meal plan of the boot camp (it cause me to much stress) I am happy I am still losing weight!
Looking forward to seeing the numbers on the scale get even lower!

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