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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Running is supposed to be fun right?

So for the first time in like 20 years I went running. Part of this boot camp thing is on Saturday's we go running or as I like to call it runwalking. So anyway bright and early on Saturday I get up get ready dress warm and head out to the lake to do my first run in many years. I don't even want to go. I am dreading going. I am hating every second that I am driving to the lake to run. I get there and its COLD! I think to myself what the HELL am I doing here so early to RUN! Well we warm up and some of the warm up includes jogging around the parking lot! REALLY?? you want me to jog as a warm up then run a mile? So of course I am trying to be a trooper so I jog er..walk then jog and walk my way around the parking lot twice. Then starts our timed run. I am thinking one mile is going to take me AT least 30 minutes I mean really for a non over weight runner I am hoping it ONLY takes me 30 minutes and not more. So start running (if you can call it that) its more of a labored jog. I do that for as long as I can then I walk then I jog/run until I am around the lake and see the finish line. I run by and my time is 16:41! I was shocked! I mean not to bad Jennifer! really not bad at all! then they want us to go around again walk 2 min run 2 min walk 2 min.... but I don't have a watch so that means I have to hold my phone and run and well I would have probably fell flat on my face. So I just ran and walked and jogged and walked and well you get my point. We stretched and went home.
While walking I noticed I have no clue on how to actually run. I mean you would think heck its running just do it. I felt like a buffalo running clomping on the pavement. While I noticed other people gliding like water fairies over the pavement. I hope to one day get that good at running. When I was on my way to the run I was hating life. When I was on my way home I was thinking... "maybe I should go running on Sunday". WHAT! I must have been having some out of body experience.
Eating has still be the biggest struggle. I have taken out a ton of things from my diet. Dairy, white foods (potatoes, bread, white rice, chips etc) soda, caffeine. This by far has been the hardest part of this program. I really want Taco Bell, pizza, hamburgers... I have struggled with finding healthy things to cook at night that fall with in the foods we have cut out of our diet.
I have been having  a salad every day for lunch for 5 days. I couldn't stomach another salad yesterday so I just had a ViSalus shake with some almond milk and rootbeer concentrate. It was like a rootbeer float so it was yummy.
I have lost weight since the weigh-in but I won't post the loss until tomorrow which is my official weigh-in days at home. Perhaps at the end of this 6 weeks I will post my starting weight and my end right now I am not comfortable letting everyone know my starting weight.
Well that is it for now.... class starts up again bright and early tomorrow.

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