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Friday, January 13, 2012

New number on the scale

I checked my weight today even though I told myself I was not going to. I really want to only check it once a week. I picked Monday's for my weigh in days but of course I can't stay away from the scale. So anyway I am still not wanting to broadcast my weight but lets just say this is the first time it has been this number in a LONG time!
Since starting my weight-loss journey January of 2011 I have lost 16.4 pounds. But I am only taking into account what I have lost since starting boot-camp.
This was a rough week at my house. My husband had shoulder surgery and it has thrown us all out of whack. His pain meds haven't worked, his stomach has been upset, he hasn't slept. So needless to say we haven't been eating as healthy as the week before. I missed one day of class (the day of his surgery) and the other two days I barely wanted to go I was so tired. I pushed through and made it through each one. Today is a day off then tomorrow is the dreaded run. It is getting really cold so I am going to probably freeze my butt off tomorrow while running.

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